Uttermost Ministries, a ministry started by Rev. Kelly and Pattie Duininck in the 1990's. The ministery began Rhema Bible Training Center-South Pacific, in 1997 in 2 rooms of a rented building.

From there the school grew to take over every inch of the rented building. The area that once held a restaurant, women's aglow, law offices and an electrical shop and is now used for the classrooms, offices, student housing for the school, a workshop and church facilities.

           Along with the well-kept campus that is school to over 90 students each year, Uttermost Ministries owns a 100ft boat, the Uttermost Wittness (seen above) that is used to take teams all around the South Pacific minsitering on islands that cannot be reached by plane, hold classes and minister conferences and aid in relief after tsunamis.

            On Friday Nights the campus parking lot becomes the sanctuary for All Nations Church Samoa. This church is used as an example for students and a home church for the community. All Nations is live streamed every week at 7:30pm (Samoa time) at ustream.tv/channel/all-nations-apia.

 Uttermost ministries has now expanded to the country of Vanuatu. In 2016 they started Rhema Bible Training Center Vanuatu, a 2-year outpost school of Rhema South Pacific. The school is located in the capital, Port Vila and is just one of 3 formal bible schools in all of the 83 Island nation.

Today, Uttermost Ministries is run by Rev. Pattie Duininck-Ah Kui, who took over after Rev. Kelly went home to be with the Lord in 2008. She is a 1991 Rhema Bible Training Center graduate and mother to 2 amazing children, Anna and Willem. Rev. Duininck-Ah Kui is a powerful minister of the gospel and leader to a great staff. She is running the race that God called her and her husband, Kelly to run many years ago; ‘to reach the entire South Pacific with the message of Christ’. I know that the future holds great and mighty things for her and this ministry and I am excited that God called me to play a small part in such a large vision.



To learn more about Uttermost Ministries visit www.uttermostministries.org




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